Understanding Audience Emotion to Elicit Higher Levels of Interest and Engagement

Pharmaceutical marketers seek to understand patient journeys, and those journeys are often full of emotions.†Emotions (like Fear, Apprehension, Optimism, and Acceptance) and resulting behaviors (such as adherence, engagement, and loyalty) have a direct relationship. Emotions can be tracked temporally and linked to patient and physician behavioral patterns. Combine this metric with other existing demographic profiles, and marketers have a 360O view of their patients (or physicians) and a clearer path to getting them engaged.

DigPharm East Infographic

As an example, this methodology was applied to conversations around Digital Pharma East, one of the most popular pharmaceutical conferences in the United States. This symposium caters to health science marketers, strategists, operations, mobile, IT and project management professionals. Some of the popular themes in 2013 include mobile ads for healthcare, driving mobile engagement, big data, data command centers and analytics. The infographic seen here represents twitter conversations during Digital Pharma Eastís 2013, 2012 and 2011 events. †Marketers were more interested at the 2013 event than in the previous 2 years. Further investigative research can show why this occurred. Select emotions that were commonly expressed have been graphed over the three day event as they rose and fell.

To zoom in on the infographic, click here.

BehaviorMatrix helped to uncover sentiment around popular themes from the conference including, mobile, pharma marketers and health care providers. This exercise was done at a very superficial level. It sampled only a small number of tweets, many of which were sponsored. With more data, an exercise such as this could be used to gauge and track, hour-by-hour, emotions and behavioral drivers around specific topics, panels, brands, disease states and †identify the key Ďemotionalí influencers of the crowd.

The world of sentiment analytics is messy and full of unstructured data. An analysis is only as good as the data thatís driving the conclusions. To go beyond sentiment and social media analytics you must go where the conversations are happening. †For data driven insights and digital marketing innovations stay tuned to the Digital Pharma Blog.


About BehaviorMatrix

BehaviorMatrix, a market research firm out of the Philadelphia area, has patented the method of measuring emotion found in digital conversation (blogs, forums, social media & news commentary) and tracking its effects on behavior. To learn more about BehaviorMatrix, contact rburg@behaviormatrix.com or follow them on twitter @behaviormatrix

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