Multichannel CLM at Digital Pharma East in Philadelphia

Agnitio, the leading closed-loop marketing (CLM) company for the life sciences industries, and an innovator in pull marketing will be demonstrating its advanced CLM products at Digital Pharma East in Philadelphia in October 2013.

Set to launch its new, ground-breaking Rainmaker solution later this year, Agnitio software and services are already implemented in 50 countries and 25 languages.

Discover new standards for CLM with Agnitio’s sophisticated platform

Attendees at the largest global forum to explore the very latest in digital, social and mobile marketing innovations for the life-science industry, will get an in-depth understanding of how Agnitio’s sophisticated platform takes CLM to another level, setting new standards for user friendliness, creative flexibility and the management of digital content.

Meet Morten Hjelmsoe, CEO and Founder of Agnitio

Morten Hjelmsoe, CEO and Founder of Agnitio and an insightful, popular, thought-provoking speaker on digital marketing in the life sciences industry will outline his vision for pharmaceutical marketing and show why companies are moving from push to pull in healthcare communication. “We’re delighted to be part of Digital Pharma East 2013,” says Morten. “Not only is it a great chance to show how our products enable pharmaceutical marketeers to become truly multi-channel in their communications, but is an ideal opportunity to meet with new and existing American customers and share ideas with thought leaders from around the industry.”

“It is great to have Agnitio with us,” says Jayson Mercado, Head of Digital, from Digital Pharma. “They have shown that they are leaders and experts when it comes to communications in the life sciences sector and I would encourage anybody coming to the event to listen to Morten speak and visit their stand. You won’t be disappointed.”

A recent interview with Morten Hjelmsoe can be heard on Mobile Marketing Magazine’s website. He is also a regular contributor to blogs and articles on pharmaceutical communications and has appeared in a range of publications including the latest edition of PharmaVOICE.

Find us at stand #6

Agnitio and its market leading multichannel CLM products can be seen at stand #6 while visitors to Digital Pharma East 2013 will be able to hear Morten Hjelmsoe speak at the multi-channel marketing track at 9:10am on day 2 of the event.


Agnitio is an innovator in pull communication and the world’s leading closed-loop marketing (CLM) company for the life science industries, working in 50 countries worldwide with leading, global pharma companies. Driven by a desire to help life science companies develop new productive relationships with medical professionals, Agnitio gives reps the tools to discover doctors’ individual needs and interests and provide targeted information and services where and when they need it.

Agnitio CEO and Founder Morten Hjelmsoe is a regular speaker at pharmaceutical industry events and panel discussions. He also teaches workshops on pull communication and the use of technology in pharmaceutical marketing. An expert and visionary within technology-enabled pull communication he is recognized as a leading figure in pharmaceutical sales and marketing today. Advising several blue chip corporations, Morten continues to expand the potential of both new technology and its applications.

Don’t miss the 7th Digital Pharma East event, October 15-18 in Philadelphia.

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