Will Responsive Web Design Survive Pharma’s MLR Process?

For years, many mobile insiders proclaimed “201_” is the year of mobile. While I can’t say when/if it actually happened, 2013 is definitely the year of Responsive Web Design. Enabling a brand to optimize their website across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a marketers dream. For a deep-dive on RWD and our unique approach, see a recent post by Steen Andersson.

There are a number of Responsive Web Design benefits to pharma marketers, but many doubt this new approach can survive the MLR process. While every company has different levels of risk they are willing to assume, I can assure you that RWD websites are being developed by many of the major Pharma companies in the U.S. Even more exciting, Responsive Web Design websites are starting to be seen in the wild!


A really great example was produced for Actemra®, an RA product from Genentech. Not only does the site look great across many platforms, including tablet and desktop, but their mobile view introduces a persistent menu thatenables users access to a vast amount of content with one-click.

Genentech is one of many companies that are either using our 5th Finger Responsive approach, or the traditional Responsive Web Design approach as part of a new redesign engagement. But, like any new technology, the largest hurdle will always be getting it through MLR.

While every process is unique, you may find the two very basic tips below to be helpful:

  1. Get your MLR team involved early. Provide real world examples of how the technology works, how it would be translated to your brand, and get their initial feedback and hurdles you may need to overcome. If possible, bring them along to industry conferences to introduce them to new trends and talk to the folks who are creating them.
  2. Start with mobile. Not only is a mobile-first approach helpful in the creation process, but by starting with mobile, you will clear the largest hurdle first.

I hope this brief post gives you some hope that Responsive Web Design is not only possible, but it is a reality for Pharma marketers.

– Chris Crichton, VP Mobile Health

Join Chris and the 5th Finger team at the 4th Digital Pharma West conference taking place June 24-27 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport – Burlingame. Chris will be speaking about Responsive Design: How and When to Take Advantage of the Digital Marketing Trend at the Mobile Day on June 24.

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