DMD & Boehringer Ingelheim Provide Bold New Workshops at Digital Pharma East

Exl’s 6th Annual Digital Pharma East conference kicked-off with an interactive workshop focused on building a “power team” to coordinate your company’s digital marketing efforts.

Facilitated by Boehringer-Ingleheim’s Margaret-Sarah Alexander and Melissa Bojorquez, these veteran marketers employed a football analogy to draw easy correlation to the roles and responsibilities of your digital brand team.

Complete with authentic NY Giants jerseys, the BI team polled the audience to determine what challenges they faced with regard to their digital teams.  These challenges included:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • ROI/Measurability
  • Regulatory/Legal
  • Sharing Content Across Channels or Audience

The concept of the “digital team” as a football organization was great way to identify how each person or partner fit in to the overall success of the organization.  Some of the positional matches highlighted were:

QB = Brand Manager or Campaign Owners

Coach = Agency of Record

Special Teams = Digital Vendors (example: EPOCRATES)

Special Teams Coach= Media Planning Agency

Refs = MLR

PR & Image Consultants = Public Relations/Listen Agencies

To summarize, each individual in the room had a role and specific responsibility for their digital team.

Everyone knew that—however, the exercise offered the audience a chance to reflect and recognize where they fit into the team structure via a different, yet recognizable, example.

Margaret-Sarah and Melissa stressed the importance bringing the team members together as early as possible in the process to allow them to participate in and be invested with the overall success of the strategy.

The BI team only received one negative criticism:  the overt usage of Eli Manning jerseys –at a conference hosted in Philadelphia—only mere hours after a heart-breaking Eagles loss!

The afternoon featured a workshop session centered on the challenges of creating effective email.

Hosted by DMD, the session featured a unique example of service-learning.

Participants were introduced to the most up-to-date email guidelines as well as the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that helps US veterans with a variety of continuing care services.

After discussing the mission of the WWP, groups were then tasked with developing an HCP-targeted email using an audience and call-to-action provided by DMD.

This was not easy; there are many different components that must be monitored to craft something as simple as an email.  The guidelines challenged the participants to think differently about what they knew about email.  One email was chosen as the winner and DMD graciously donated 1,000,000 deployed emails to the Wounded Warrior Project for the purpose of raising awareness about its various programs.

Key take-aways from this session include the differences between mobile and PC-based email creation, the rule of 3s—3 seconds and 3 inches of display to capture attention, and the constant monitoring required to avoid “spam triggers” — keywords that will land your message in the JUNK folder.

Seth Painter, Reporter, PharmaLeaders

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