Loaded For Bear: Day 1- ExL Digital Pharma East

Special thanks to Ellen Hoenig Carlson for providing the following conference overview…

Pharma, are you ready to leverage customer insights and closed loop marketing (CLM) in your iPad and mobile initiatives to help support customers?

Whew, I did it! The answer to the loaded question…the five areas of big opportunity for Pharma as captured by the speakers at ExL Digital Pharma East [#digpharm] Day 1:

  1. Customer Insights: Have you uncovered customer insights for each customer segment? Are customer insights driving all that you do?
  2. CLM: Are your marketing and communication campaigns designed with the continuous rigor of CLM principles and analytics? CLM requires the constant measurement and analysis of the results of marketing initiatives.  By tracking the response and effectiveness of a campaign, the marketer can be far more dynamic in adapting to consumers’ wants and needs. Wikipedia
  3. iPad: Have you leveraged this disruptive innovation? iPad was the focus of multiple talks with regard to HCP  and multi-channel marketing.
  4. Mobile: Have you done the basics and more?  Can your customers easily read your website information on their mobile devices? Are you thinking beyond doing a new App? Are you using mobile to optimize portibiliity, personalization and participation?
  5. Customer Centricity—patients and physicians: Are you helping more than you are selling? Adding value and solutions to improve patient outcomes?

There were strong presentations during Day1’s morning, led by Chad Ballentine, Dexilant Poduct Manager, Takeda; Todd Kolm, Director, Emerging Channel Strategy, Pfizer; Matt McNally, Chief Media Officer, Digitas Health; and Matt Thomas, VP, Marketing, Medtronic.

Afternoon breakouts occurred in four areas: Customer engagement, Regulatory, Marketing and Sales integration and HCP Communication.

For deeper dives on many of the presentations, read the live blogs by IQ Innovation Labs of GSW Worldwide and watch the live videos from non-other than Pixels & Pills.

Stay tuned for Day 2’s key points.

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