The Efficacy of Patient Education Centers

At Everyday Health, we have an ongoing commitment to provide marketers with resources for improving patients’ health outcomes and to study the value and effectiveness of our marketing solutions. To this end, we provide an inside look into the real conversion power of Patient Education Centers (or pharma microsites) versus product sites. This first-of-its-kind study was conducted by the independent analytics firm Crossix Solutions.

What is the effectiveness of my Patient Education Center? Why should I invest in a microsite as part of my campaign? These are questions we, at Everyday Health, have heard frequently in our discussions with pharmaceutical marketers. Curiously, and differently from other DTC tactics such as brand sites, TV, print, search, etc, the effectiveness of a Patient Education Center (also known in the industry as a microsite or a custom solution center) has rarely been measured.

We have observed that Patient Education Centers are consistently among our top performing campaign assets. Patient Education Centers have been shown to provide high engagement and performance metrics, as measured in terms of time spent on the site and click-through rates. Furthermore, effectiveness research focused on ‘soft’ metrics such as impact on aided and unaided brand awareness, favorability and intent to purchase, have proven the value of these assets.

We commissioned a research study to prove the effectiveness of these programs. This proprietary research, conducted by the independent Rx-based analytics firm Crossix Solutions Inc., is the first of its kind to assess the real conversion power of Patient Education Centers.

Executive Summary

Results showed that Everyday’s Health’s Patient Education Centers attract visitors who are at least equally, if not more qualified (based on the visitors’ Rx profiles or utilizations) than media-referred visitors to a corresponding site. Furthermore, Everyday Health Patient Education Centers have 70.5% of the conversion power of a corresponding site for media-referred visitors.

At 70.5% of the conversion power of a product site, Everyday Health Patient Education Centers represent an effective and highly efficient buy, given its relatively low cost per visitor versus media driven to a brand website. The underlying findings suggest that Patient Education Centers are an under-utilized channel based on their efficiency and effectiveness, and pose a significant opportunity for pharmaceutical marketers.

Crossix measured and compared the quality and conversion rates of visitors to the Patient Education Centers on Everyday Health to those of media-referred visitors of brand sites. The study used online behavior provided by Everyday Health and Compete Inc, a digital intelligence company, while utilizing the Crossix patented approach to Rx-based, consumer-focused analytics.

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Carolina Petrini
VP of Market Research
Everyday Health

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