Transforming Heart Surgery Into An Online Empowerment Engine

Patient Workshop By Adam Pick

For his work as a patient advocate and a high technology consultant, Adam Pick has been featured on CNN, Medical News Today, Health Readings, BusinessWeek and The Wall Street Journal.

On November 3, 2005, Pick was diagnosed with severe heart valve disease. During his recovery from heart surgery, Pick experienced several challenges including cardiac depression and Vicodin addiction.

To help future patients, Pick wrote a book— The Patient’s Guide To Heart Valve Surgery—launched a website, a blog (, a patient-generated surgeon directory (, and Heart Valve Journals, the world’s first social network for heart valve patients (

With sponsors including The Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sinai Medical Center and UCLA Medical Center, over 1 million patients and caregivers will visit Pick’s websites this year.

During his workshop at DigiPharma, Pick will address and explore several topics including:

  • Understanding the wants and needs of the patient and caregiver community
  • Aligning your motivations with patient and caregiver motivations
  • The value of authenticity within an online platform
  • Leveraging the domain expertise of medical providers, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Cultivating a team of 1,000 disciples
  • Amplifying interaction and education though social media

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